Custom Painting

Custom painting - I create custom artworks for your home, office and any space you want to fill it up with energy.
it can be in any size - a painting that is only yours - one of a kind

Creating custom abstract works for customers is a dynamic and collaborative artistic process. These works are tailor-made to align with the client's unique aesthetic preferences, color schemes, and desired emotions. Abstract art offers a vast and expressive canvas for such customization, allowing the artist to craft pieces that resonate deeply with the client's vision. Through consultations and a creative dialogue, the artist transforms abstract concepts into tangible, personalized masterpieces that reflect the client's individuality and provide a distinctive focal point for their spaces, fostering a sense of artistic connection and emotional resonance.


150x150 acrylic on canvas

Erica, my client who lives in Dubai - wanted to order a large painting for the living room in black and white colors from me, I have never painted in these colors before, so it was an interesting challenge, at first I was a little scared and in the end I decided to do it -
Erica trusted me to draw her something special for her
And the result was very impressive and Erica was happy and satisfied.


350X230 acrylic on canvas

My client Yamit had a huge wall in the kitchen space and she was looking for something very special and different. There was a lot of thinking around the idea, what energy would suit Yamit's character and she would want to see it every morning
Until we came to the idea of a sentence together with points that each point is actually a star in the sky and it is colored because each star is unique and special


150x80 acrylic on canvas

Dana was looking for something that felt powerful, strong and very colorful, her house was in the colors of black white gray and she was looking for something that would make her living room pop and have a lot of presence
Dana really liked the result and ordered another painting for the bedroom.


Maya asked for the feeling of a house with strong colors and as little black as possible, she really liked this particular style of mine, only in the colors she chose, the painting came out perfect Maya and her husband really liked the result.