Welcome to my world

My name is Shirly and I am from Israel, i have been a painter for the past 15 years. 

I live, dream and breathe art. I draw inspiration from my love for people and life, and it is expressed with a lot of freedom, movement, and a variety of strong colors.

I started painting when I was a kid, and the colors released feelings and sensations that were bottled up inside of me. Each layer is a vast world of its own, and I call my abstract paintings ”Layers of Emotions”. I find my muse everywhere, in my experiences, my surroundings, and my observations. Nature is always opening for me a gate of other ideas and creative dimensions.

I realized that in my paintings I express my movements through brush and paint. 

Welcome to feel (-:

Abstract painting

"Free drawing is spontaneous, unrestricted, and a form of self-expression. It's therapeutic, intuitive, and requires no judgments. It encourages creativity and personal growth, often resulting in abstract or doodle-like art. It's a visual diary, a source of inspiration, and a pathway to personal fulfillment."

Exhibition in Madrid

Exhibition at the "AZUR" Gallery in Madrid, Spain 17.7.22


An Art Exhibition" celebrates the essence of aimless urban wandering. Through the eyes of various artists, this exhibition explores the beauty of city life, from detached observations to the unexpected discoveries made while strolling without a fixed destination. Experience the art of flânerie, where leisurely exploration meets artistic inspiration.


An article in Haaretz newspaper written about me and my works, how I started creating, how the creative process happens and what kind of works I create.


Intuitive painting workshops are designed for groups or couples.

providing a space to release emotions on canvas without judgment or technique restrictions. The aim is to freely explore a world of colors, fostering creativity and emotional expression.