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“Everything you can imagine is real” Pablo Picasso

Nice to meet you :) My name is Shirly Maimon I am an abstract painter from Israel.

As an artist, i express my emotions through colors. All my artworks are original and one of a kind.

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Amazing artwork! Every person walking into our living room for the first time asks about Shirly’s painting. Beautiful colors and unique style. We’re very happy with our selection. Thank you Shirly!

Yoav Barlev

Shirly is so talented and creative artist with a pure heart full of love and passion

Lynn Omar Khalaily

There are paintings and there is art
There are regular paintings and there is this thing called Shirley something that screams this girl from every spot of color on her creations.
The best thing we did to our house ❤️ highly recommends and guarantees a crazy change in energies inside the house

Lee Malka

I ordered a painting from Shirly and it far exceeded my expectations. Extremely talented, highly recommend!

Michal Sterenberg

We bought a painting from Shirly, it turned out stunning and beautiful and it's fun to see it at home every day

Dor Gold

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